2010 – 2014 The Lost Souls

  DOWNLOAD: https://gamejolt.com/games/the-lost-souls-chapter-2-demo-oculusrift/109166 The Lost Souls was originally a “Escape the Room” game style intended for Unity WebPlayer. But latter was ported to OUYA, PC, Mac and Linux, adding later support for Oculus, my first VR projects. This is my first horror game created by the end of 2010 and released at the beginning of 2011, … More 2010 – 2014 The Lost Souls

Victorian Room

 Yeahh.. One more project done This was made for Demoreel last term, I wanted something more victorian with lots of ornaments. This was a fun practice. Lots of inspiration from The Order, tried to fit in with the details, the post process and some cool volumetric lights that Unity has. The lamp was 100% zBrush, … More Victorian Room