Victorian Room

 Yeahh.. One more project done smiley This was made for Demoreel last term, I wanted something more victorian with lots of ornaments. This was a fun practice. Lots of inspiration from The Order, tried to fit in with the details, the post process and some cool volumetric lights that Unity has. The lamp was 100% zBrush, started from a cylinder, everything else was made starting in Maya, brought to zBrush and than Substance Painter.
Victorian Room – Unity 3D

I started this lamp with a cylinder in zBrush and start to make all the shapes. The final textures was made in Substance Painter.

Later I start sculpting the small details with some high maps that I generated on zBrush and Photoshop and sculpted over it.

This is the final result of the chair inside the Unity 3D Game engine

I started with a base mesh in Maya 3D and than I brought it in zBrush to make all the final details.



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