2015 – Temple of Portunus

This is one of the projects that I learned the most, it was made for Environment for Games class at Gnomon School of Visual Effects and I learned some amazing techniques from modeling to sculpting.
Everything started in maya as simple meshes and sculpted in zBrush, than textured in Substance Painter.

The final renders are made inside Unity where I created some custom shaders with vertex blending adding and steep parallax mapping blending between high maps and textures to give some extra depth.

A few steps to create this piece. Started as a poly modeling inside maya. Brought to zBrush and sculpted, after I finished I decimated and brought back to maya where I made a clean up and unwrapped. I made the final textures inside substance painter.

Same technique, this is a in game renderer using Unity 3D.

This was my custom shader, I made this vertex based steep parallax mapping to give an extra layer of depth. All textures and highmaps were made in zBrush using a tileable technique.


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