2017 – Carnival Cruise : Princess

Project I worked last year with Carnival Princess Cruises and Adventure Works in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This is one area with one out of three project. Was responsible for the visuals, shader, Fxs, lighting, optimization and effects. Fun times, working with awesome people. Very proud of the results.


Second project for the place, I created all visuals and technique to split between all screens with one single pass, using a offset custom post processing. Created all fx, like bubbles and caustics. Also created the AI and animations for the fish to follow the bubbles and attack it.


Pose I animated that appeared behind people that was getting ready to take a picture with the big screen.

Big screen where is created our main project, this is the first area people see once they get in the terminal. The character they created will pop up with their name on the medallion inside the bubble.





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